Chan Ka Po Chloe


This was the first time I participated in a piano masterclass in Germany with Germany  professor and lived in a local German family. The experience was valuable and unforgettable .

Professor Schäfer’s lessons were fun and inspiring. He explained the details in an interesting way that makes the points more easy understanding. Also, I got many new ideas in the lesson, which inspires me so much and lets me understand the music more thoroughly. The experience helps me to get a breakthrough of myself. If I have chances, I would like to learn more from the professor.

Moreover, living in a local German family is a total different experience than living in a city hotel. They are very nice and welcoming that makes me feel so warm, which is like going back home. In this one week, I learnt more about the culture and living habits of German. Instead of travelling around the prosperous city, the simplicity of living in a small town with a warm-hearted local family is a great experience to explore the country’s own culture. I am very thankful to my host family and grateful to have all these memories in my life.