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Master Classes 2022

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- Clarinet: Februar 10 - 13

Prof. Georg Arzberger (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich)


- Violin: March 1 - 5 "String Festival"

Prof. Rudens Turku (Vorarlberger Conservatory, Austria / Academia Perosi, Italy)


- Violoncello: March 1 - 5 "String Festival" 

Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich)


- Piano: April 18 - 22 

Prof. Thomas Böckheler (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Mozarteum University of Salzburg)



- Opera: August 1 - 6

Prof. Gerd Uecker (former Director of the Dresden Semper Oper)

Prof. Michael Gehrke (University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar)


- Piano: August 29 - September 3 

Prof. Antti Siirala (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich)


- Piano: September 6 - 10

Prof. Wolfgang Manz (Nuremberg University of Music)

13 – 15 May Winner’s Concerts at the Nymphenburg Castle / Munich

Gratulation! Die folgenden Absolventen und Musiker wurden für die Konzerte im Mai 2022 ausgewählt.

Congratulations! The following graduates and musicians have been selected for the concerts in May 2022.



Duo: Ayaka Uchio (Japan, participation Violin in 2018, 2019) and Haruka Ebina (Japan, participation Piano in 2010, 2016, Chamber Music in 2017)

Duo: Lukas Plag (Germany, participation Cello in 2020 and 2021) and Jacopo Giovannini (Italy, Piano)

Quartet: Hyejin Kim (South Korea, participation Cello in 2019), DongChan Shin (South Korea, Vn), Gauen Song (South Korea, Va), Shinyoung Lee (South Korea, Piano)

Opera: Anastasiia Doroshenko (Ukraine, participation Opera in 2020) and Tung-Hsing Tsai (Taiwan, our Repetiteur Voice and Clarinet)


Piano solo: Giorgio Agnès (Italy, participation Piano in 2020, 2021), Wonny Seongwon Park (South Korea, our Repetiteur Strings)

Our Concerts / Unsere Konzerte