Masterclass with Wen-Sinn Yang

DATE: MARCH 1 - 5, 2022

PLACE: Musikschule der Stadt Freising (Kölblstr. 2, 85356 Freising)


(University of Music and Performing Arts Munich)





Information about the course

Masterclass for Violoncello / Chamber Music with Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang

except application from China and Japan

1. Contents

1.1 Cello Soloist

private lessons 45 min. x 3 (incl. piano accompaniment), winners concert, auditing, certificate


1.2 Cello Regular

private lessons 45 min. x 2 (incl. piano accompaniment), winners concert, auditing, certificate


1.3 Chamber Music

private lessons 45 min. x 3, final winners concert, auditing, certificate


2. Registration fee

The registration fee covers the costs of processing the registration and will not be reimbursed if participation is cancelled.

EUR 190 (per person)


3. Course fees

The course fees don't include the registration fee. 


3.1 Soloist

3.1.1 EU Participants* under 26 years old

EUR 350 (incl. piano accompaniment)


3.1.2 EU Participants* 26 years or older

EUR 390 (incl. piano accompaniment)


3.1.3 NON-EU Participants

EUR 390 (incl. piano accompaniment)


3.1.4 Extra lesson

EUR 115 (excl. piano accompaniment EUR 30)


*your current address


3.2 Regular

3.2.1 EU Participants* under 26 years old

EUR 280 (incl. piano accompaniment)


3.2.2 EU Participants* 28 years or older

EUR 320 (incl. piano accompaniment)


3.2.3 NON-EU Participants

EUR 320 (incl. piano accompaniment)


*your current address


3.3 Chamber Music

EUR 400


4. Practice room

Flat rate EUR 30


5. Homestay

The number of hostfamilies ist limeted. Applications will be processed in order of arrival.


6. Application

Deadline: January 18 (as long as places are still available)

A late registration may be considered, if there are still places available in the class. Please contact us by e-Mail.


Applications will be processed in order of arrival. Please send the application form per e-mail to or use online application form (see below).



Withdrawal and Granting of rights see below.

Application form
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Online Application

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Notice: Please fill in the fields marked with *.


The Registration fee ist non-refundable. If written notification of cansellation is submitted 21 days before the starts of the course, the remaining amount (participation fee) will be reimbursed. All Transaction charges will be deducted. During the period 20 days to 7 days Prior to the start of the course 50% will be refunded.

If cancellation occurs after the deadline above, the participation fees will only be reimbursed in proven cases of force majeure (e.g. in particular if the participant is ill or has an accident). In such cases, the cancellation shall be notified to the Insitute at the latest 2 days before the start of the course. If candellation oddurs after that, even if the case of force majeure the full participation fee wll be retained.

Granting of rights

All Events of the Munich International Music Academy can be recorded by the Institute for Music Munich. The Institut for Music Munich reserves the Right to take Pictures at the Munich International Music Academy. These Pictures can be used for Promotion purposes by the Institut for Music Munich. If a documentary is made of the Munich International Music Academy, all participants agree to take part in this documentary and to Transfer all richts concerning this production to the Institute for Music Munich. Paricipants have no Claim to additional reimbursement.